10000 DGB Mystery Box

10000 dgb box
2000 dgb box
10000 dgb box
DGB 10000
DGB 25000 DGB 10000

The 10000 DGB Mystery Box - Win The Ultimate Giveaway

1 of the random 10000 DGB Mystery Boxes which are Limited to a 1000 supply will contain a Brand New DJI Phantom 4 v2 and a Brand New IPhone X plus and 5000 DGB Coins.

Only 1000 Boxes Supply - So 1 in a 1000 will only win this competition.

All of the New Mystery Boxes contain the value or more plus a bonus prize to the value of the Digibyte Value of your order.

  • 10000 DGB Mystery Box
  • Only 1000 Boxes Supply
  • Ultimate Mystery Boxes
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Prices are subject to change due to the Price of DGB and the Digital Currency Market. So Buy at this price while you can, only 1000 supply to win the main prize.

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